Gut feeling isn’t our thing. Guts is

Behavior CPH is not based on thoughts, feeling, beliefs or even gut feeling. We’re purely based on behavior. Our entire approach to the digital age is the access to indisputable facts and hardcore evidence and data. It is not like we send people to the moon or anything. But some of the things we do are pretty nerdy stuff, we know. But nerdy as it might be, the beauty of it is, that you simply cannot beat facts.

Based on behavior we strive to create digital solutions for you that successfully stand out for their solid base in knowledge and unique insights, and sprinkle them with gutsy creativity and badass functionality. 

Not hocus pocus. Just feels like it

Predicting your future? Well, it isn’t easy peasy, but it’s doable. And predicting how your clients will respond to your digital branding is what we do. Not by magic, but by using validation and behavioral science we can always ensure that we are on the right path. Behavior CPH offers you two different science solutions within validation and behavioral science – a neuro validation and a more thorough field study.

Neuro Validation
Neuro validation gives you a quick pretesting of designs, pictures or videos. It does not include human participants and is therefore a good solution if you want a here and now validation before you proceed with a specific design.

Field Study
The Field Study is a comprehensive all-around validation. We gather a group of relevant test subjects and test their behavioral patterns which provides us with the possibility to test more extensive projects, such as full UX, in-store, web universe, full new identity, etc. The Field Study is a holistic in-depth solution that gives a deep understanding of the performance of e.g. your UX and how we can optimize it in order to perform successfully. The solution is scalable and adaptable to all kinds of projects.