Data Analysis is the foundation of our work! We use a combination of big data, user and neuro tests to ensure you the best results

Data Analysis

Data is the foundation of our work! A combination of big data, user tests and neuro tests

It begins with data and It ends with data, because it is the sum of volume and volume gives us an idea about how and why people act like they do. All our services start with a relevant, defined market analysis and then depending on the product we also do a trend, competitor and a keyword analysis. Afterwards we use data to continuously optimize the products and calibrate the user flows,

Making data useful is turning the numbers into strategies and action points. That requires knowhow and a wide digital behavior knowledge. We also look at different data channels to get the most valid answers and finally it is our job to translate these data into human words so the customers know and understand the strategic choices we recommend.



Data-based Strategic enhancement relates to calibrating all kind of touch points and strategic action points. That’s why our strategic solutions are never static, but dynamic. The strategy is off course aligned with the costumer and the agreed KPI’s, but the ongoing tracking and analysis will constantly challenge the strategy and if necessary change it. The criteria’s in the digital world of marketing are ever changing, and so should how we access the market be. Through tracking we continuously expand our knowledge and therefore have the opportunity to evolve our strategy and how we go to market, and that is the key to a successful online marketing strategy!

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